About Agroindust Inc

Agroindust Inc. (AI) is a private agribusiness investment and consulting company registered in 2015. Agroindust Inc. is a subsidiary company of a private holding group; Investone Corps Inc. (ICI), which has multiple business verticals around the world with its offices in Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE and the US. Agroindust Inc. has made substantial investments in the fields of agro-processing and agribusiness supply chain operations to support the development of agriculture sector in Afghanistan. 

Since its inception, as a specialist in agricultural investments AI is continually making substantial investments in Afghanistan agriculture and livestock sectors and aims to be a business leader in agribusiness supply chain and processing for a variety of agricultural products.Current market assessment and research enabled AI to invest in creating values chains for targeted food products such as fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts, vegetables and dairy products such as UHT milk, yoghurt, cheese and creams.

One of AI’s objectives, through agro-processing and agribusiness investments in the agricultural businesses is to expand local manufacturing capabilities replacing imports and enhancing competitiveness. Which is done by lowering production costs and enhancing value of Afghan products through introduction of new technologies and creating and promoting sustainable value chains.

In addition to investments, Agroindust has a dedicated active consultancy and research division which offers quality advises to clients across the entire agriculture, irrigation, livestock and agro-processing sector addressing a range of strategic, production, operational and commercial issues. Through National and International experts and having deep engagement within the diversified agribusiness sector we understand the unique dynamics and economics of agribusiness, as well as the critical issues and challenges facing operators, seeking to grow and elevate their production and performance.