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Our investment decisions are driven by three principles " Long-term focus, Value Orientation & Risk Management" this form the core of our investments philosophy. 


Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services offer high quality advice, solutions & services to a diverse range of  clients in agriculture sector


Agroindust Inc. (AI) is a private agribusiness investment and consulting company registered in Afghanistan. Agroindust was established in 2015 and is a subsidiary company of a private holding group Investone Corps Inc. Since its inception, as a specialist in agricultural investments AI is continually making substantial investments in Afghanistan agriculture and livestock sectors and aims to be a business leader in supply chain and value adding for a variety of agricultural products. Current market assessment and research enabled AI to invest in creating values chains for targeted food products such as fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts, vegetables and dairy products such as UHT milk, yoghurt, cheese and creams.


As a specialist in agribusiness investment Agroindust Inc. deals in processing and packaging of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. The company provides locally grown agricultural produce national and international market as well as providing consultancy services  in agriculutre, irrigation and livestock.

Fruit Processing

Considering current state of fruit processing industry in Afghanistan the company has made substantial investment in  creating a state of the art fruit processing facility in Kabul Afghanistan to spearhead the fruit processing to big and greater heights. The facility is well equipped and designed  with modern concept for smooth operation.



Dairy processing

Agroindust Inc. with its vast experience in agribusiness commenced large scale UHT milk processing plant in Mazar-e-Sharif the region where most of the milk is produced. The main objective of our investment in dairy processing is to provide healthy and high quality dairy products processed and packaged with international standards of hygiene. Agroindust Inc. dairy work is a strong commitment to improve rural economy and development of dairy sector in Afghanistan. 

Agroindust Consultancy

In addition to  investments in agribusiness, Agroindust Inc. has a dedicated consultancy sub-company   known as Agroindust Consultancy Services Company (ACSC)  which offers tailor made solutions to a variety of clients in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, livestock and food processing. 




Agroindust Inc.

A leading company in horticulture and dairy processing aims to acheive sustainable and advance agriculture in Afghanistan 


As a private company Agroindust Inc. is part of a diverse corporate family of Investone Corps Inc. Our sister companies reflects the diverse service offerings and comprised of the following businesses: